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Sorry for the lack of posts, junior year of high school is FILLED with work!
So for those of you who don't know VFC is official back in the states, just relaxing for now(:
Ill update the video and gallery ASAP! I have alot of new things for you all. I've also got a few more graphics made that i hope you'll all enjoy.
But now for what you've all been waiting for the contest winner!
All entries were really great, i loved them all, but i had to choose one winner.
This entry really did an amazing job. I could tell they put alot of effort and thought into their entry, and it was well worth it!

Hope L. is our contest winner! Check out her entry here.
Congrats Hope, i'll be contacting you shortly so that you may reciee your prize!

Keep an eye out for more contest soon. Maybe you'll be the next lucky winner(:he
That Crunk Carter Exclusive has official been set up, however it is not completely finished. Alot of things happened over the weekend so i didn't have any computer. So the exclusive pictures will still not be up and ready for viewing yet but for right now you can see the little facts TC sent in along with the interview. Hope you enjoy them(:

NOW for the realy FUN! The contest has officialy started, if you didn't send me and email prior to this post don't worrie you can still enter! As i've said before the contest for a chance to win a 7x8 autographed picture(signed at the grove) as well as a T-shirt from american apperal signed by TC at the Americana. Final entries are due september 30th, this allowes all entries enough time to produce their best work and also allow other intrested parties in participation. Entries will be judged on style, creatiity and uniqueness. So don't worry about it looking professional. Your entree maybe pne of the follow:

-a homemade music video for one of varsity fanclubs songs
-learn the choreo to a varsity fanclub song and perform the routine with friends.
-write a rap about TC and explain why you love him/you are his number one fan and make a video
-Make a video of TC w/ pictures,video clips, etc.
-Create a painting or picture of TC and write a paragraph about why you love TC/want to win
-create a one of a kind sign for the crunk carter's myspace/ website and write a paragraph about why you love TC/Want to win

If you would like to do something else, please contact me, to see if its okay.
But most of all HAVE FUN!(:
Good luck to everyone.

So TC finally got back to us with the interview, because of both of our busy scheduels a video interview seemed out of the question. i also reacieved a little bio about TC, because this is all a 'The Crunk" exclusive, we will be adding a crunk carter exclusive section to the site. In this section, you will be able to find the interview, TC's bio,  pictures taken from concerts in california, and anything else you can find ONLY here, at the crunk carter website. This portion of the site will be up hopefully by sunday  august 15, 2010.

Shortly ill be adding some pictures from varsity Fanclubs tour in germany. All credit for those pictures goes to Varsity Fanclub.org, and i'll also be adding a few more videos.

If i recieve 2 more email concerning intrest about TC contest, then the contest will official start and everyone will be allowed a month to prepare and send in their entries. further details on the contest will be revealed after i recieve two more emails.

Its been quiet a while hasn't it? haha sorry guys(: Well for those of you who don't know TC, and the rest of the group are currently in europe touring for 3 months. They're having a blast, just not loving the fact that they don't always have internet acess. TC still HASN'T gotten back to me with the interview, i've reminded him a few times but he keeps forgeting. Its been, i believe three months this time, We think you guys should drop hints for him when he returns(;

I still have 2 items for a contest, an american apparel T-Shirt and a small 8x7 photo both signed by TC. && If we get AT LEAST 15 emails, we will start the contest, don't wanna hold onto these prizes forever(: There are a few more pictures uploaded in the MISC. album.We still have loads to upload, we've got some more graphics done and we'll have to update a few more picture albums and the video section of the sight. We should have those up shortly! hope you guys are enjoying the site so far tho.We know we don't update alot, but we are rather busy! This is still your number 1 spot for everything  TC Carter & always will be!


p.s. If you really want that contest to start, spread the word about the site and have everyone send an email to
zizzie_vfc@yahoo.com saying they're intrested in the contest. That way we have an estimated amount of entries. We would like to have at about 15 people, 10 at the least!
The Premades and Animations are finally up in the media section! There aren't many, but there are plenty more to come, make sure you sign our guest book and tell us what you think! Suggestions and opinions are always appreciated! I added a new section entitled 'Intrerviews', there you can find links ot other interviews TC has done on other sites. That will be the section you can find 'The Crunk Carters Exclusive Interview' when posted.  Also i added new pictures to t he following albums, check 'em out!

TC And Friends

Unknown Photoshoots

Twitter Pictures

OH! Keep a look out for Victoria Justice new show 'Victorious' T.C. had been on set a few times so we're anticipating an apperance. Also for all the fans in California, make sure that March 25th your at Hollywood and Highlands Level 3 for the Jeans Bring Dreams Foundation. Varsity Fanclub along with other celebraties are making an apperance.

Hope you enjoy the new content!





So again, SORRY for the lack of updates. I haven't had much time to do anything.
So ive uploaded new pictures, loads actually. you can view those in the following albums


Hope you enjoy them!

TC's interview is already underway, just waiting  on TC so the interview should be up shortly(:

Finally had the chance to update the website, so SORRY for not being able to do this more often, but school has been extremely hective! So i uploaded about 30 new pictures a few you've probably never seen before. I hope you enjoy them. 6 new videos were uploaded as well. Hopefully by friday we'll have two new videos for you. Also i know u guys really want TC to answer the questions i had you send in earlier, but TC still hasn't gotten back to me about a date and time. If you can, please message TC and tell him to contact me concering the interview. Its not to late to send your question in, send any questions to lizbeth_gurrola@yahoo.com. Also the contest are ideas are still in works but make sure to keep a look out for details!
There's one picture from TC's trip tot he roxy with a few friends to go watch KSM. You can check out all the other new uploads at:
TC and friends
Varsity Fanclub

Varsity Fanclub Photoshoot

well thats it for right now(: Hopefully ill get to update later this week. Bye Guys

T.C. uploaded a new picture on myspace which you can now find in the Photoshoot album in our gallery.

We also uploaded two new wallpapers we hope you like them, sign the guest book and tell us what you think!
we also added 6 NEW icons. Please Credit 'The Crunk Website' or 'Zizzie'. The Icons are all original and work was put into each and every one of them. we hope you enjoy them!
So again Sorry For the lag on the updates we updated a few more pictures to the TC and Friends album, The Varsity fanlub Photoshot album, Photoshoot album and the twitter album.
Also added 6 new Videos, View them here. Also Zizzie attended the "meet and greet" at the americana, which was insane so many people just ran up to varsity because they realized that alot of the girls who were there were there for them. However she did get to talk to TC and decide that the site is going to have its first ever contest! TC signed a Shirt from americana apperal with a short message one it for you guys. We're ganna see what else we can add into the grand prize . so we'll keep you posted on the contest! we have a few ideas running, like everyone sending in a mock routine of TC's choreo from Boom Boom Pow. but you never know(;

The new graphics for the site should be up tomorrow! new icons backrounds and premades!

Sorry for the lack of updates guys. We've both been pretty busy!
We added 32 NEW pictures!
Hope You Enjoy The New Pictures! And we're still asking people to send in questions for T.C. the exact date and time for the interview have NOT been verified yet, but we want to have all the questions ready and put together. So that way the interview will run smoothly(: Send your questions for T.C. to zizzie at lizbeth_gurrola@yahoo.com.

We're also still asking for picture donations! for please if you have any pictures of  T.C. donate them! full credit will be given adn when we post them on the site they will be tag. if you have any send them to zizzie_vfc@yahoo.com .



    Hey Everyone!
    Welcome to one of the first  fan/support sites for T.C Carter, the newest member of Varsity Fanclub. This site used to be a myspace page but then we decided that we would like to broaden our horizon into a bigger, worldwide page. We try to update as much as possible, so keep checking back for new picture, videos, songs..etc. Sign our guest book! We love to hear all the comments you all have to say, we love to hear your opinions on the site. If you have any ideas at all, just comment on the site, especially the blogs, have any questions, just contact us on here and we will for sure get back to you as soon as possible! Thanks,
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